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Meet Masibulele:

A Place for Learning

Masibulele (a Isixhosa word that means ‘thank you’) was opened in 1995 by a lady named Thandi Xaba, she was the first principal. In 2015, she handed over this role to her daughter Patricia, who currently runs the school.

Thandi chose this name, ‘Masibulele’ as she wanted to say thank you to the families who trusted her and sent their children to her Educare Centre.

At this school there is a continuous sense of deep appreciation and gratitude towards each other and those who believe in them. These teachers are dedicated to the upliftment of their school and the education of our youth.

R1 500 000

To rebuild Masibulele

R1 500 000

Raised so far


Weeks left

Building a school

The structure of a classroom is essential for a student’s morale and their ability to learn.

Masibulele Educare Centre is a school deemed structurally unsafe for its children yet remains a vital and necessary place for its students and the community.

We want to build not just a school but a place in the hearts of its teachers, children and parents that empowers the future of this community, a place that nurtures growth, learning and a meaningful future for the young lives it serves.

Together we can build a school that can stand for future generations and through its involvement in the community, help 100s of children realize their potential as future citizens of their community and country.

Current state of Masibulele

  • The school is a double-storey informal building
  • The staircase is unstable
  • Nails and other sharp objects are exposed
  • The roof and walls need to be repaired
  • The windows are broken
  • Winters are freezing, summers boiling
  • Susceptible to shack fires
Masibulele School Khayelitsha South Africa
Masibulele School Khayelitsha South Africa

As an informal, make-shift structure in a high-risk fire zone area there is a high risk of fire damage and a life-threatening situation for the 8 teachers and 140 children at Masibulele.

They take a risk each day they come to school but despite this they do because there is not alternative for them right now.

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A message from Masibulele

“I love to look after children, to care for them and educate them. At Masibulele, even though we face many difficulties, we believe in giving children the best we can- in education, love and care.”


“I am looking after the young children because I want contribute to decreasing crime that we are facing in our country; many children are getting raped because they are left at home alone- this is why I put them first “


“I am working at Masibulele because I have a passion for young children and I believe in this school “


“I love Masibulele because they open very early and cook meals everyday for the children“


“I love Masibulele because the staff are always full of love and smile every time when I drop my child at school“


“My passion is to give back to the crazy and beautiful place we call home. As I walked into Masibulele ECD I felt warmth and care , I knew from then something needed to be done about the structure in which these beautiful children are learning”


Get in touch

Number: +27 (72) 187 4040

Email: hello@letsbuildmasibulele.co.za

Thanks to our partners

Uthando NPO South Africa
Ikamva lets build masibulele

And to our beloved friend Tanna Goot

Whose memory lives long in the hearts of Masibulele. Her ongoing love and support was fundamental the early stages of this project and will be built in her honour. Thank you Tanni.